Mapping Migration: Using Data to Tell Migration Stories

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About ISDJ’s “Mapping Migration: Using Data to Tell Migration Stories” course
ISDJ’s “Mapping Migration: Using Data to Tell Migration Stories” launched in collaboration with the India Migration Now is aimed at improving discourse on migration and helping participants navigate datasets to gain insights into migration patterns and their economic/social impact.
The course will aim to “mainstream” the idea of migration, provide a lens to policy makers, students and development sector employees to view migration and its impact accurately, improve the journalistic approach to migration stories and the use of accurate terminologies.

The course will also provide an in-depth understanding of migration types, patterns, life cycles and their economic impact on countries that rely on migrant workforces. The course will also touch upon India’s internal migration in conjunction with the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact. Lastly, the course will provide imperative insights on how to handle data to craft stories around migration that are responsible, accurate and impactful.

Participants can register and access online classes that one can set according to one’s own pace. On successful completion of the course, participants will receive a certification in “Mapping Migration: Using Data to Tell Migration Stories”.