Better Reporting on Immunization

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This course is developed in collaboration with Global Health Strategies and hence participants can register, participate and complete this course at no cost. Please use coupon code “ISDJIMMGHS” at the time of checkout for a 100% discount.

About the immunization

Over the last few years and especially since the past one year, immunization has been an intrinsic factor determining the development of a nation and it’s economy. Today, now more than ever, there is a need for every citizen to have a basic understanding of immunization.

Therefore, it is the responsibility of doctors, nurses, frontline workers, civil society organizations, medical faculty, and media houses to convey the right understanding of what is immunization and what are the factors that drive immunization.

ISDJ’s module on immunization, developed in partnership with Global Health Strategies, aims to cover a birds-eye perspective on immunization, it’s landscape and the importance of vaccines. The module also covers a technical aspect for audiences for whom responsible journalism, data-driven story writing and fact-checking is critical.

Through this module, participants will be trained by Prof. Madhu Gupta, Professor of Community Medicine, Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER), Dr. Naveen Thacker, Executive Director, International Pediatric Association, Sadhika Tiwari and Shreya Raman from IndianSpend and Shachi Sutaria, BOOM.

We do hope you find the immunization module relevant, engaging and informative.

Topic Session conducted by
1. Pre-Test
2. Introduction Madhur Singh, IndiaSpend
3. Understanding the immunization landscape Dr. Madhu Gupta, PGIMER
4. Vaccine Trust Dr. Naveen Thacker, International Pediatric Association
5. Reporting and writing stories on immunization Sadhika Tiwari, IndiaSpend
6. Data-driven stories + visualisations Shreya Raman, IndiaSpend
7. Combating immunisation related misinformation Shachi Sutaria, BOOM
8. Post-Test

Course Content

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Understanding The Immunisation Landscape
Vaccine Trust
Reporting and writing
Data-Driven Stories
Combating immunisation related misinformation
Post test