About Us

About ISDJ

IndiaSpend School of Data Journalism (ISDJ) offers a credit-based course, wherein journalists can log in to study offline and based on modules completed, secure an online certification.

IndiaSpend School of Data Journalism is a learning and upskilling platform for those looking to develop expertise in building data-backed and evidence-based narratives, storytelling prowess, simplifying complex datasets using visualizations, verification tools, and fact-checking techniques through on-demand video lectures delivered by subject matter experts.

Aligned with IndiaSpend’s purpose on improving public discourse, IndiaSpend School of Journalism (ISDJ) encourages participants to utilize open data to analyze a range of issues with the broader objective of fostering better governance, transparency, and accountability and encouraging citizen engagement.

Courses Offered

Participants can look forward to enrolling in modules around

Public Health Reporting



Gender, Youth & Child Rights

Climate & Environment

How is ISDJ different from other online learning platforms?

The ISDJ platform will offer to thousands of journalists and others, cutting edge tools in interpreting public data through real-time case studies. This will in turn bring greater data-led analysis into daily reporting on issues and the use of data for the public good. Over a period of time, we at ISDJ, believe will lead to increased accountability and better governance.

How does ISDJ work?

After enrolling, participants will have access to online classes that one can set according to one’s own pace.

Each module will consist of 4-5 smaller sessions covering technical and non-technical topics of 30-45 minutes each. These sessions will be conducted by knowledge, industry, or a media expert. Each module will include pre and post-tests, short lessons, and an engaging assignment for you to work on. ISDJ also offers fellowships to journalists on a number of courses.

After completing the pre-test, all the smaller technical and non-technical sessions shared the assignment identified for the module, and completed their posts tests, participants will be eligible to be certified for the module completed.